Google AdSense Tutorial For Beginners: Possible Issues and Pre-Solutions

Tutorial For Beginners

Access the AdSense Dashboard Directly:

Follow the steps below to add a new website and apply for approval:

After login into the AdSense dashboard, you’ll see the below screen & follow the steps as I draw-

Adding a Website into the AdSense Account

         Also, you can see your existing website here

Check a Website in AdSense Account
Get the code for the site verification

The most important things to get AdSense approved:

Technical factors:

  • Make sure your website is configured in Google Webmaster properties such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Make sure the website is on your own top-level domain.
  • Make sure you are not blocked by the robots.txt file.
  • Website Navigation: Website navigation is the most important thing that googles evaluate priority base. It should be simple and well-shaped, and each and every element are in a good setup.
  • Content: Website content is first priority. Should not be copied from other sources, and each and every piece of content should keep value for your website traffic.
  • Make sure you have enough content (articles, images, videos on your website), for the articles- must have at least 10 with good readability and good sentiment scores.
  • Make sure the website does not have any blank categories (without contents), if have then google may mark your website as under construction.
  • Provide accurate personal information with your application that matches the information on your domain registration. Otherwise, this raises red flags for Google and they might think your site is illegitimate.
  • Make sure you are not using domain privacy protection.
  • Make sure your domain age is at least 1 month old (sometimes not mandatory).
  • Make sure your website’s main section is not password-protected.
  • Make sure you put the AdSense verification code properly and submitted for review.

The issue is: Low-value content (the most important issue)

This means, your website does not contain any valuable content as per Google AdSense terms and conditions. It means that any website that wants to monetize and earn from the AdSense program has to maintain some content and webmasters criteria like-

  • Minimum content requirements: your website must have some (my recommendation is 20+ articles with 1000+ words each) good quality articles with niche-related user intent.
  • A good user experience: This means your website users should like the content and useful for them.
  • Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content: Your website should have a number of quality content and enough information (my recommendation is 20+ articles with 1000+ words each).
  • Webmaster quality guidelines: The website must have the following pages/things- an about us page, a sitemap, you have the other required pages.
  • Copyrighted images: You know, images are very important content on the internet. You can’t use images just by downloading from Google or other sources even if you’re using credit. You have to fully modify by editing (color, dimension, size, if possible, flip it) and must use the proper image source on the image before you use it on your post. I attached the example image that is matched with other sources. (All the feature images of your website match with other websites, and have to be changed with unique/modified images)
  • Your content/articles should not be AI-written and must be 100% unique, you should use a paid plagiarism checker before you publish any article on your website.
  • You can’t use a major portion of content by images/videos from other sources on your webpage, I can see maximum of your posts have multiple images which is more than the ideal ratio, you have to increase your text size on every post.
  • Sitemap not visible on the website, you should have it.
  • There are over 35 pages not found, and Google crawler sending a bad signal to the AdSense bot, so you must request for removal using the search console. See the screenshot below-
  • Page Views: If a website has 10,000+ lifetime page views then Google easily accepts the website into their AdSense program (As per Google recommendation) it doesn’t mean that they do not accept a with zero page views.

Here I list almost all the top facts that you should maintain to get Google AdSense approval.


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