Google Ad Manager Setup and Optimization Checklist


Everybody knows, DFP is now Ad Manager. And the recommended using criteria is which website has a huge impression monthly like- millions. This is not mean that the smaller websites can’t use. So, when you plan to switch from Google AdSense to Ad Manager, you may face some difficulties with how to do and what to do!

If you got this website then you should not worry. I’m giving a full checklist of what can be possible to do regarding what to do and how to do it!

Primary Steps To Setup Google Ad Manager

  • Website Audit
  • Content policy checkup
  • Traffic, analytics analysis, and instruction.
  • Webmaster’s quality audit
  • Technical analysis based on search console
  • Google Recommended Ads setup

Ad Manager Inside Setup

  • Whole account setup
  • AdSense Connect/allow more ad networks in AdManager
  • Inventory creation
  • Ad balance setup
  • Floor CMP setup
  • Ads review
  • Ads in/exclusion control
  • Hi-CMP Ad network selection
  • Blocking control

Here is listed what to do, I’ll explain how to do it in another article. In the meantime, you may check AdSense Optimization Checklist here or AdMob Optimization Here.

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